Good day to all guests

We are happy to welcome you after a very long lock down, to our wonderful resort and
facilities. The current pandemic has changed our lives forever and will have long lasting
effects on all of us. The current Covid 19 rules and regulations as stated by government, will
have an effect to the ways we did things in the past. Please do not shoot the messenger, if
we want to stay open, we all have to follow the rules as set down and we ask all guests to
assist us in following the said rules and regulations and to be patient with staff and other
This is new to us but I firmly do believe if all cooperate and assist us, we all can have a
wonderful time together and stay open for years to come. Please read this notice carefully
and bring all the rules and regulations under the attention of all in your group.


1. On arriving, at 2 o’clock, everyone in your vehicle / group must report to the front office to check
in. You need to sanitize before entering the building at reception and it is ATMOST
IMPORTANT TO WEAR A MASK. All of our guests will be asked to complete a
checklist and your temperature will be taken. If above 37,6 degrees, you will
unfortunately be asked to leave the resort immediately under the Covid19
regulations. This check in procedure will take some time, so PLEASE BE PATIENT
2. We will sanitize the desk, Credit card machines and other facilities after each check in
3. Please maintain your SOCIAL DISTANCE of 1,5 meters as indicated at all our
4. The wearing of MASKS is compulsory throughout your stay – you do not have to
wear it inside your unit or on your camping site. However previously stated. E.g.
pools, shop, restaurant, games room etc.
5. We will sanitize all facilities on a regular basis, so if you are asked to leave a facility
for sanitizing purposes, please co-operate without making it difficult for resort

1. Pitching of your caravan and tents etc. would be your own responsibility as our
personnel on site are not allowed to assist during this time as the result of COVID-19
regulations. If you encounter any problems on your camping site for example
electrical or water, please report to the front office immediately.

1. As a result of Covid 19 regulations, during your
stay, in other words, you will be requested to make up your own beds, do your own
dishes and be responsible for your own house keeping.
2. If you are staying for a long period, we will make arrangements to change your
3. You will still be asked for a key deposit, and check out process will take longer as in
the past. Please note it is important to leave the unit exactly the way you found it, if
not please take note, That we will be forced to keep your full key deposit.

1. You are allowed to use the activities but with strict rules and regulations.
2.  Times may change as decided by management.
3. This is going to be difficult for all of us, if not we will be forced to close down the
facility. We pledge to keep everyone save to the best of our abilities as per
4. The same rule applies to all pools inside and out as well as the waterslides.

6. The waterpark will be open but social distance will be maintained. The number
allowed must not exceed the space that is provided. The operating times will vary
daily and be decided by management. Please be patient and assist us in making this
work for all.
7. Fishing is allowed but keep your social distance from the next angler
8. The zip lines will only be opened if we have personnel to assist.
9. Game drives to be booked at reception please ask for the times and only 7 guests
can be accommodated per drive.
10. Please take note of the shop opening and closing hours on the door. Only 4 guests
will be allowed in the shop on any given time.

I know the above is a lot to absorb but we all have to help to make this work. Due to the
lockdown period we are currently down to the bare minimum staff and under a lot of
It is every family member’s responsibility to be safe, stay safe and to stop the spread of this
terrible virus. Your safety is our utmost concern and we want you to enjoy your visit. Please
follow all rules and regulations as laid down by government and resort management.
We truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time in a friendly
manner as suggested to assist us.
Any suggestions are most welcome and we thank you once again

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